Get in Touch With Your Community!



Ever wanted to branch out and find people outside of school that shared your interest in nutrition, health and cooking? Well now you can easily do just that! There are many different interest to choose from whether it is a certain type of exercise or certain types of dietary restrictions there is literally endless possibilities for you to interact with professionals and citizens in your community.

The first website is called meetups and is more community based, meaning it is like neighbors and fellow city residents getting together at a nearby place like a park or grocery store and depending on what type of group it is, you do a variety of activities or just ┬átalk. For example, there is a group called Healthy eating at Whole Foods Market where a store chef gives you a tour of the store and helps you find healthy foods at affordable prices and gives you tips on how to make things for yourself and your family. There is also another group called ‘Walk the Pounds Off’ where a group of people trying to turn their lifestyle around meet at the beach and just take a morning walk. This website mainly has groups founded by someone in your nearby community and the meetups help keep you motivated because you are surrounded by people who are striving for the same goal as you.

The second website is called Healthy class and unlike Meetups it is based more on groups and classes held at hospitals and clinics. They have everything from support groups to support classes and even recommendations on books that deal with the subject you are interested in. Like the meetups website, this site also has a way to find groups in your community about specific topics. These groups are a bit different only because they are held in a more professional setting with actual certified doctors and nutritionist leading some classes and groups. Some of the classes offered are things such as Cooking demonstration for diabetics, a heart healthy diet class and they also have normal nutritional cooking classes for all. Also the support groups are they offer are groups such as low cost healthy eating, low sodium eating, and nutrition counseling where they are able to talk with other community members and discuss similar problems and give each other advice.

Both of these websites are great so if you are interested in expanding your involvement in the community these are two great ways to start!

The links are posted below.