Staying Energized During Finals

It’s that time of the quarter again! It’s week 10 and with that comes lots of worries, stress, tears, lack of sleep and not so healthy food choices.


The kinds of food you choose are vital in keeping you energized and getting through each day. The hard part is knowing which foods to look for.

These are several foods and specific nutrients that have proven to help boost memory and cognitive brain function.

  • Veggies: any dark green leafy vegetable like broccoli, kale, and cabbage. These vegetables are nutritionally dense and contain tons of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin K which is found in dark green vegetables has been shown to have an important role in maintaining optimal brain function.
    • Eating vegetables at times can be very discouraging due to their bland taste, but with the addition of a light dressing they can be really yummy and stay low in Calories. Adding some hummus with your vegetables or a fruit-based vinaigrette can make a dramatic difference.
  • Berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries all have the antioxidant anthocyanin that helps boost cognitive function.
    • Some simple ways to incorporate berries into your diet can be by adding them to your cereal or oatmeal in the morning. To eat berries on the go simply freeze them and put them in a container or incorporate the berries into a smoothie.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: specifically “DHA is the most abundant fatty acid in the brain” (Andrea Giancoli RD).  Fish like salmon, tuna, and sardines are rich sources of omega 3’s (DHA, and EPA).
  • Another important Omega fatty acid is (ALA), which can be found in a variety of nuts, seeds, and legumes. For example: walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and chickpeas( so yes hummus would be a great source of ALA !!).
    • Buying small single serving packs of tuna and taking them for lunch with a side of salad can make for a great meal rich in essential fatty acids. Additionally, a small container full of mixed nuts and a bottle of water with chia seeds can be packed as a snack and consumed throughout the day.

Even though it can be difficult to make smart choices during these next two weeks, it is still very possible. I hope you take up on some of these awesome tips given above and fuel yourself with some rich super-foods, instead of the usual junk foods! Eating healthy snacks and staying properly hydrated will be key in keeping you up and alert through the long horrendous hours of studying/test taking.

I believe in you, now let’s finish strong broncos!


I Want to Make an FN Friend!


Yeah, yeah I know my play on the department club abbreviation is lame, but hey, it’s FN funny, okay? (Yes, I will wear out this pun by the end of this post). By the way, just in case you didn’t know, FN stands for Food and Nutrition Forum which is the premier club on campus. Now I may be partial, but Food and Nutrition Forum is the best club out there– hands down. This year is a change over year with many new faces and many old; including mine (yeah, I know what you were thinking….31 is old).

What does this mean? Well, it means… well, more friends, new relationships, and new connections. Dr. Martin F. Sancho-Madriz and Dr. Bonny Burns Whitmore are our advisers and they FN rock. With so much to do as a student, it helps to have a resources  available outside of class that help with FN everything.  This year our timely club meetings will really bring to the forefront subjects and information that will be pertinent to all students in our department, not just a few FN cliques. At club meetings we will be hearing from current professors in our department and other professionals, with information that could lead to that dream job we FN dream about constantly. So you need to be there to network with these great connections. Don’t FN miss out!

With a student body in our department at it’s highest peak, there is no shortage of new study buddies, volunteer friends, and intern connections. Branch out and meet someone new. You never know where it may lead you. As princess Jasmine would say, “its a whole new FN world”, or Ariel, “I want to go were the FN people are”. . . anyways you get my point. Now get out there and find an FN friend or two!

FN Forum celebrates National Nutrition Month

In an effort to promote National Nutrition Month and health on campus, FN Forum hosted a mini health fair at Cal Poly Pomona during U-hour this past Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  Take a peek at what we did to celebrate healthy eating!

Cereal Serving Size Challenge (Stephanie Serpas)

A booth dedicated to promoting serving size awareness, specifically with cereals. Students chose from the many cereals displayed on the table and demonstrated for us what they normally served themselves in one meal. They served themselves the cereal of their choice into a bowl of their choice. Then, we taught the students how to look for the serving size on the Food Label and have them re-serve themselves the same cereal, but this time using a measuring cup.

Objective: Promoted food label reading, particularly in breakfast cereals, with the college student population.

Feed the Need Food Drive (Sarah Spence)

Eating healthy also affects the under-nourished. Just as we need to raise awareness about the health risks of poor diet, we need to raise awwareness about the diet of the poor. There was an informational poster reporting statistics for hunger in California. One example is that 16.7% of Californians are food insecure. That equates to roughly 6 million people hungry, and 1.7 million of those reside in Los Angeles county! We also included a collection box which suggested donations of dry, shelf-stable goods such as cereal, pasta, rice, beans, preserves, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Objective: To raise awareness of the need for healthy options to nourish those struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Peer Mentoring Program: Wheel of Wellness and Recipe Cards (Kellie Yamahata)

The Mentoring Program created a series of Recipe Cards, which were personally chosen and custom made by several of the mentors in the program. The recipes chosen ranged from healthy vegetarian Stuffed Red Peppers, to delicious traditional Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

The Recipe Cards were ultimately used as prizes for a “Wheel of Wellness” game. The “Wheel of Wellness” proved to be a big hit for everyone. Spinning the wheel allowed an individual to land on a specific color and that color corresponded to a topic. The topics up for grab varied from basic nutrition to food safety. Getting two out of three questions right won the students a Recipe Card with a yummy and healthy dish on it.

Objective: Provide new information regarding food and nutrition as well as healthy recipes to take home and share.

Portion control (Cipriana Huerta) was also tackled by using food models to demonstrate correct portion sizes in our every day foods.

Here are some photos from our mini-health fair (source: Kelly Schlegel)

Los Angeles Food Bank (Stephany Esqueda)

On Friday, March 6 we continued celebrating NNM as fellow students also volunteered at the Los Angeles Food Bank: When I first heard about national nutrition month I heard a lot about teaching people to eat healthier. Most of what was being done was to encourage people to change their habits and include healthier options in their daily lives. We aimed to show the students at our school that making such changes, even if small, could greatly affect their lives. However, we did not really talk about the families that were struggling with food insecurity. The families that struggle to get food on the table. National nutrition month should also be about helping people obtain the nutrition that they need. That is why I chose to have the club volunteer at the LA Foodbank. The LA Foodbank helps many people and organizations by putting food on the table. We all know that there are people struggling but to see the amount of food that is put together and sent out is something different.

Objective: Bring awareness to food insecurity.

Political Involvement (Rebecca Tsaur)

On Tuesday, March 12 PAC has invited special guest speaker Fatinah Darwish, RD, Public policy chair of the Los Angeles District of California Dietetic Association of AND will talk about the importance of political involvement as a RD, because of nutrition in public policy as well as elevating the RD career, and her personal experience.

Objective: Bring awareness to the ties between nutrition and public policy.

These are just some ways FN Forum has been celebrating National Nutrition Month “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day!”

National Nutrition Month: Photo Challenge

Voting is open!  Get your vote in by March 20 @ 6pm!

In honor of National Nutrition Month, FN Forum is holding a National Nutrition Month Photo Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to share pictures that promote informed eating choices, physical activity, and healthy habits.

Pictures can be taken through Instagram, camera phones, digital cameras, etc. Send your picture to Joyce at by 11:30pm of that day with the subject title: NNM Challenge along with your name, school email, and optional description of photo, and it will be uploaded here. The photo challenges are located on the Food Digest calendar as well as the Upcoming Events sidebar. Creativity is encouraged!

To make things more fun, this will also be a competition between Cal State San Bernardino’s Nutrition Association and FN Forum. FN Forum members will vote for their favorite Nutrition Association photos and vice versa. This is to prevent members from voting for their own photos or their friend’s photos. Voting will occur on this page (will be opened shortly after challenges have finished on March 15th) and a winner will be chosen from the top three photos from each club.

The winners receive Starbuck’s Gift Cards!

The challenge officially starts on March 1st and ends on March 14th.

Cal Poly Pomona Photos

CSU San Bernardino Photos

CLOSED – Voting!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our first NNM Photo Challenge!  Now it’s time to vote for your favorite photos.

  • Pick three favorite photos of your choice.
  • All three photos you vote for must be from the OTHER school i.e. if you are from Cal Poly you must pick three photos from San Bernardino!
  • Fill out the form below to vote.  Your email must be your school email.
  • May only vote once!
  • You may still vote even if you did not participate ~ so ask your school friends to vote too!
  • Day #, Entry # = use your mouse to hover over the images above, they each have a corresponding Day # and Entry #.  ex) Day  1 Entry 1
  • Vote will not count if school email is not used and/or three photos from the other school school are not chosen.
  • Voting ends March 20 @ 6pm!