The Doctor is in

Today, more than ever, students are always trying to find a way to meet new connections and find new opportunites. Well I am here to tell you, Dr. Steve Alas is one connection you need, and the opportunites he provides can open doors never before known to students.

Dr. Alas is an associate professor and director of the SEES program. He has been teaching molecular biology at Cal Poly for almost 10 years now. Dr. Alas is a former research fellow for City of Hope cancer center and postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. He received his PhD in cancer research from UCLA, and his Bachelor’s of Science in biological science at Cal Poly Pomona. As director of the SEES program Dr. Alas oversees advising, mentoring, academic excellence workshops, science courses, research funding, research opportunities and computer facilities for under-represented minority students and first-generation college students majoring in the sciences. He is also the coordinator for the CSU-LSAMP program at Cal Poly Pomona, which is focused on broadening student involvement in the STEM core courses. Dr. Alas is also director of the SEES Health Professionals Project, funded by The California Wellness Foundation. The program focuses on under-represented juniors and seniors that will enter the health professions. As director of the Hearst SEES Apprentice Program, Dr. Alas is able to provide research opportunities to undergraduates entering the STEM fields. Students are funded to perform research with faculty at Cal Poly Pomona, Western University of Health Sciences, City of Hope National Medical Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Dr. Alas continues to work with outside sources to fund grant and scholarship programs, like the ones stated above. His expertise in research, teaching, and mentoring have allowed Dr. Alas to build a vast network of industry connections that can provide opportunites to students to gain valuable experience. Most of the programs tha Dr. Alas oversees are well funding and provide paid experience opportunities to students to do research of their choice. These programs help expose students to industry leaders and allows the students to display their skills, innovative ideas, and inventions, which many times lead to career job offers. Dr. Alas continues to put students first and is a great resource for grant and scholarship funding.

Why not set up an appointment with Dr. Steve Alas and see how he can open new doors for you. It’s never to late to make that connection.