New Students & Mentoring

Need help with your classes? 

Need a familiar face around campus? 

The mentoring program has your answers!

We love to welcome new students to our department and help ease the transition. Throughout the school year, we are focused on volunteering our time to assist students.

Here is what we offer:

  • We help with registration
  • We provide input on previous courses
  • We help students get involved with club activities
  • We build relationships

Who should join?

  • Freshmen
  • Transfers
  • Any student who feels they could use guidance and direction :)

We provide our time to help you enjoy your experience within the Human Nutrition and Food Science Department. So, take the time and get to know one of us!

We would LOVE to meet you!

  • Blackboard how can it help you as a student?
  • Mentor Roster a list of your current year mentors
  • Map a detailed map of Building 2 (Agriculture Building)

How can Blackboard help you as a student?

Many if not all of your classes will utilize Blackboard, from professors posting up lectures, homework, grades, and even online tests to important department information. A short tutorial on how to access Blackboard and HNFS department information:

  1. Log into Blackboard (
  2. Under My Organizations > HNFS Department
  3. View the tabs on the left
    • HNFS Documents
      • Need to know whether a particular class will be available next quarter? “Schedule of FN courses up to 2016”
      • Have an appointment with your advisor and do not know what to bring? “Dietetics/Nutrition Science Advising Packet” (including Advising Packet, Roadmap, Curriculum Sheet)
    • FN Advising Center
      • Need to know who your advisor is? “HNFS Academic Advisors”
      • Curious of when the next club meeting will be? “HNFS Clubs Calendar”
  4. If you have time, take a look at each organization on your Blackboard. You will be surprised as to how much information you will discover!

Mentor Roster (2014-2015)


Peer Mentoring Chair:

Tasneem Legohn –


Amy Ngo –

Ando Chie –

Andy Reynaga –

Ashley Cortez-

Christopher Baca –

Cindy Yang –

Cristal Coronado –

Daisy Orozco –

Jennifer Zagorski –

Kathleen Reyes –

Kiia Arida –

Laura Bradfield –

Natalie Gonzales –

Preya Patel –

Shanna Miller –

Stephanie Romero –

Stephanie Serpas –

Tina Lin-

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