The Food Digest is an opportunity where students enrolled in the Human Nutrition & Food Science department have effortless access to updates, advice and information to help complement their education and ensure a successful future.


The original newsletter was started in the 2011-2012 school year by members of FN Forum: Cathryn Ulshafer, Joyce Dyer, and Sally Saleh. This newsletter served as an informative supplement for new students to the dietetics program.

An archive of our original eight 2011-1012 email newsletters can be viewed below:

As the 2011-2012 school year came to an end, a new writing coordinator, Sarah Spence, was appointed and tasked with the job of expanding the newsletter. Along with contributors Joyce Dyer, Kellie Yamahata, Nancy Gamboa and Donna Panganiban, they decided to address the entire HNFS department in an academic, yet casual manner, by presenting the various interests of the students and faculty.

The current web blog format was chosen to inspire a sense of community among the readers, while still maintaining the unique factions of the different majors housed in the department.


The Food Digest is intended to be fun and interesting, but always maintain a professional demeanor. It is to compliment all other resources available to students by encouraging a stronger, more prevalent Human Nutrition & Food Science Department.

Contact Information

For comments or questions, please contact the current Food Digest Coordinator Nancy Gamboa at Ngamboa@csupomona.edu

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