Follow Me: CCE Internship Part II


If you don’t already know, here’s a brief recap – the Clinical Care Extender Internship, found in Southern California and Seattle, Washington, consists of practicing basic patient care in a hospital setting and is offered to primarily college students aspiring to work in the health care field or anyone who wishes to make a career change into something more health-related. In Part I of this mini-series, I discussed the application process, the interview, and the health clearance appointment. If you’ve applied and made it this far into the somewhat lengthy process, I give you a virtual pat on the back. Before actually starting the internship, COPE Health Solutions requires all applicants to go through three intensive training days


Over three days (one day a week) and a collective 30 hours, you’ll learn about the U.S. Health Care System, a hospital’s structure, your scope of practice (meaning the extent of your responsibilities as intern), and finally basic patient care, such as feeding, changing, ambulating, moving, discharging, and bathing patients, and assisting to take vital signs. This might be a enormous amount of information to take in, but a 10-hour training day will fly by once you network with other applicants, make friends, and are able to practice patient care skills. On the 3rd training day, you’ll have to take a final, which is separated into two parts: a written portion of 100 multiple choice questions and a practical, where you will be tested on your basic patient care skills. An 80% is needed to pass the final and begin the internship. If you make it this far in the process, don’t stress out too much because you will be so well-prepared from your multiple hours of training. Once you pass – here’s a huge congratulations to you! You are now officially a CCE intern with a new snazzy official polo and ID badge, and you’ll begin a minimum of one 4 hour shift per week in an assigned hospital unit.

Do you know any other volunteer opportunities for students to learn about clinical dietetics? In the comments below, leave any questions or comments that you might have.

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