Does Diet Really Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease?

Some people that I know seem to think that the way they eat is okay and that nothing will come from it.For example, people who are diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure continue eating foods that they should not and well in some cases they are okay and do not actually worsen their condition.  In a recent study, they took data on several healthy men and women to correlate whether eating a healthy diet based on the health food guidelines will actually reduce the risk of something like cardiovascular disease.

They used a random controlled trial of 165 healthy non-smoking men and women in their 40’s up to  70 years of age. Throughout the study they measured blood pressure, vascular function and risk factors for cardiovascular disease at the beginning and 12 weeks after the trial. They all had differences in blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, ecetera. For some of these differences it was clear that following the proper diet can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease because for example, in the control group their systolic blood pressure was 4.2 mmHg lower and cholesterol was also .13 lower in ratio. The study concluded with stating that following a diet consistent with dietary guidelines can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 1/3.

This article shows that nutrition is a very important and valuable part of living a longer and healthier life. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the right path, but studies like these go to show that instead of eating better after we are diagnosed with a disease, that we should start eating better before we develop health issues. Nutrition is a large field and we get to learn more and more everyday about how we can help not only ourselves, but others to follow a healthier life track.

To learn more about this study, go onto the link below and read the full article:

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