Is McDonalds Changing?

“McDonalds is changing!” that is the recent word on the street anyway.  Changing how?  Well, let’s review what the company has come to be known for, they sell food that is: cheap, plentiful, and not the healthiest usually but sure is delicious! One of the biggest knocks that we have had, as health conscious people, on McDonalds in past years has been the quality and purity of meat they sling forth. Cheap meats! usually filled with all kinds of extra goodies (preservative, a wide range of antibiotics, steroids…the consequences of raising animals FAST and in bulk), but recently, something amazing happened. McDonalds publicly announced that they “will no longer serve chicken that has been treated with antibiotics important to human medicine“.


Some people may hear that and think…..”Meh, don’t change much”, but that is not true.  This is could be a deeply important step in the right direction for the U.S. poultry market. And seeing how McDonalds is the “second largest poultry buyer in the U.S” this has the potential to actually create a significant shift in the way the “chicken market treats their chickens”…that is, before they reach your plate.  In recent years it has become a more stark concern that the use of ‘human antibiotics’ in food production has the potential to greatly dilute their potency in medical treatments, therefore possibly rendering hundreds and thousands of treatment seeking peoples – well, stranded.  In fact, according to the article and the CDC, “every year, 2 million Americans contract antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections…resulting [ultimately] in 23,000 deaths”. So this is not hot air we are talking about, for some, this is a life and death complication.

We’ve needed change. So for a company like McDonalds to be willing to take responsibility for their actions and make a commitment for some healthy change, that to me, is very encouraging.

Hopefully this is the first of many dominos to fall in the days to come. This is where positive change in a society begins! One good decision at a time.

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