Can Eating Eggs Increase Your Risk of Diabetes?

We always hear how eggs are a great source of protein, but in moderation because of all the cholesterol it does contain. Cholesterol is known to elevate blood glucose which also increases the risk for type two diabetes. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition there is a article in which they look at whether or not egg consumption has a direct effect on the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in older men.

The study used 2332 men between the ages 42-60 in a heart disease study. They looked at their food records to see the consumption of eggs in a 4 day range and assessed their incidence of type 2 diabetes with a 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test, self administered questionnaires and by checking on any medical incidents from the hospitals that are diabetes related. These were checked 3 different times within a  20 year span. They also used an analysis database to estimate the rate of risk of type 2 diabetes in these men. Overall, there were  incidences of type 2 diabetes during the average follow up of  years. The study actually showed that those who ate more eggs had a 38% lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Most people would assume higher consumption would lead to higher risk, but not in this study.

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One thought on “Can Eating Eggs Increase Your Risk of Diabetes?

  1. Cholesterol from food, does not turn into blood cholesterol in the body! That cholesterol from food is dangerous, is an old myth. The latest scientific discoveries are that cholesterol in the blood, is not produced from the cholesterol in foods, but from other factors. Cholesterol in the body, is important and necessary for the normal functions of the body, and for the proper functions of hormones in the body.

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