Alert Alert: Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency !  I recently came across a great and well organized little video by Dr. Axe which highlighted the importance of Magnesium in the diet, it’s recent threat as a more common deficiency, and WHY that is. Or, our best educated guess anyway.   Here are a few highlights from what Dr. Axe shared that I pulled out and felt were the most crucial. However I’ve provided a link below so if you would like to watch it and see for yourself you are more than welcome to take a peek!   My highlights:

  • Recent studies have shown that approximately 80% of the population in North America are Magnesium deficient !
  • Magnesium deficiency signs can include but are not limited to: emotional up’s and down’s, issues with your gut health, cravings of certain sweet foods, blood-sugar issues, hormone imbalances, lack of energy, etc.
  • Magnesium is that MOST USED mineral in your entire body, responsible for over 300 different biochemical interactions! Making it essential for your body to utilize OTHER nutrients
  • Other key nutrients Magnesium impacts:  VIT D and CALCIUM
  • Big reason for all the Magnesium deficiencies today has to do with the way we are now growing our food, which ultimatley leads to the soil not having enough Magnesium (where in the past this was not the case)
  • Quality Magnesium supplementation may be a helpful (but certainly not the only way) to ensure you are getting your daily Magnesium needs met

Pretty interesting, no?   Because Magnesium acts like a bridge to so many important functions (especially involving energy metabolism!) it is not a deficiency we want to play around with. Not something that you want to leave chronically – unaddressed.   Here is the link to Dr. Axe’s video discussing these topics in more depth. Hope it’s helps you consider ways that you might take better care of your valuable bodies, and I hope you enjoy!   Dr. Drake Video

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