Valentine’s Day Chocolate; How Bad is it for Your Health?

Valentine’s Day is coming up very quickly and that means flowers, cards and chocolate! What person doesn’t love chocolate as a gift; it is sweet, smooth and just delicious. Well as we all know sweets in general are associated with a higher risk of diabetes, but in one article, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they tested whether or not chocolate has a direct effect on diabetes mellitus.

The experiment started with analyzing data from 18,235 participants in the Physician’s health study who were free of diabetes mellitus. They then obtained chocolate consumption data from a food questionnaire and each participant self reported the amount of chocolate consu

med on a regular basis. With this information they wanted to know whether chocolate consumption is inversely related to DM risk. In the end, they found that the inverse association between chocolate and diabetes is stronger in people with no history of cardiovascular disease or heart failure and varied between different age and BMI as well. Enjoy your Valentine’s day and just remember there is such a thing as to much chocolate!

For more on this article, view the link below

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