The Perfect Human Diet (Film Review)


The Perfect Human Diet is a 2012 documentary hosted by journalist CJ Hunt, that documents his quest for the answer to the obesity epidemic. Hunt himself has been afflicted by a heart condition for most of his adult life and has investigated many different dietary solutions to aid in his management of whatever heart condition he has (he never specifies or gives much detail). On his journey he discusses how the media contributes to a lot of confusion regarding what to eat, diets etc. which is a very valid point but I don’t think this documentary does much to unclear all of that confusion. I especially didn’t think his analogy of deaths from diet related diseases and 9/11 did any favors regarding clarification. It was a super cheap shot at a scare tactic if you ask me.
Hunt continues on to interview some “Nutritional Pioneers” who talk about our diets in the past. This discussion transitions into one mainly about the diet of the paleolithic homo sapien, which happens to be the main diet marketed, i mean analyzed, in this film. Don’t worry vegans/vegetarians, your lifestyles were not excluded–they were just regarded as naive. The film backs this opinion up by mentioning that it is highly unlikely that there were any vegetarian prehistoric humans running around. Okay so yes, that’s probably true but did they really have to go and diss all the vegetarians? Obviously, this film is the antithesis of any pro-vegetarian/vegan film and quite biased at that.
Don’t get me wrong, there was some interesting information- like for example the way they evaluate the diet of past humans and prehistoric animals from the bones and I did think that the overall message about reducing the intake of processed foods was valid.

In summary, I would only recommend this film to my meat eating friends and paleo diet enthusiasts. For all my vegan and vegetarian friends, I would avoid watching this as you most likely will be offended.

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