Alert Alert! World Hunger

Alert Alert! World Hunger

Cal Poly Agriculture 101, class information:


-> 2012 = More than one billion people are chronically hungry

-> Every year 13 to 18 million people die as a result of hunger and starvation

-> Every 24 hours, 35,000 human beings die as a result of hunger and starvation–24 every minute, 18 of whom are children under five years of age

-> No other disaster compares to the devastation of hunger: More people have died from hunger in the past two years than were killed in W.W.I and W.W.II combined

-> The worst earthquake in modern history–China in 1976–killed 242,000 people. Hunger kills that many people every seven days

-> A FULL 50% of the world’s hungry people in the world live in just 5 countries–India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Indonesia. If hunger was eliminated in India alone, as much as one-third of the worlds hunger would end

-> In 2010, 48.8 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 32.6 million adults and 16.2 million children.



When first presented with this material, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. It actually physically hurt, at first, to fully understand.

I just hadn’t realized
how dyer the prospect of ‘world hunger’ was in our world today. But as it turns out HUNGER and STARVATION is still an issue for millions, and millions, of individuals (and families) in the world today.
I guess knew it was happening, but again – was oblivious to the accumulative severity.


Puts you in your place.  



The even more shocking truth to learn, when you dig a little deeper, is that this tragedy is technically unnecessary. There is still technically ENOUGH FOOD for EVERYONE on this planet, to sustain the world’s population and give to each person 2,000 (plus!) calories a day (the recommended daily amount needed for the average adult to continuously maintain and supply the systems of the body with enough energy and nutrients). The issue, right now, is not ‘food qulanitiy’. The issue instead has much more to do with topics such as POLITICS, ECOMONIC ISSUES, and ENVIORNMENTAL CHALLENGES, etc. Many things of which we do technically have control over, and some with which we do not.


Some examples of these more highly contributing problems include, but are not limited to:

1) Feeding hundreds of thousands of pounds of grain every year to cattle/etc that could be eaten by humans

2) Waist (the average American throws out 30% of the food they purchase!), *war & governmental limitations

3) The world food market and economic pressures (instead of being able to eat their local foods, a number of starving communities are having to sell and ship our their local produce)

4) Harsh climate issues


…and the list goes on and on and..

The answer to WHY this is happening (big picture), can easily be over simplified.. A common and dangerous temptation for us all.


But, certainly SOMEthing can be done ??


In that, however, how many separate considerations would have to be carefully in order to turn these tides…….? Especially when Much of the issue lies in economic inequality. (a world of complication in and of Itself).

The First Step, like anything, is to have the knowledge and awareness that there – Is a Problem.

LOOK at those intro stats !! OK world, geez heartbreaking, THERE – IS – A – PROBLEM.


** *Alert Alert * **





The second step, is to have good information on what we each personally can be doing, to be a part of the solution. 

I chose this article and topic with hopes that it might help us all to stop, remember, and then truly aim to assist and support those who are unnecessarily suffering in the world.

To have great compassion. Followed by great service.

and this of course, starts with – Me.

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