Communicate, Converse, and Connect

“Put your money where you mouth is”. We have all heard this term used in different context many times before. But how does it apply to us as college students studying Dietetics, Nutrition Science, and Food Science ?

Communication is the key to success, and with emerging technology it is becoming a lost art. Some of the biggest advances in science, technology, and business have been brought about by professionally executed communication and connections between people. So why do we care? We care because professional communication and connections can land us that career we have been dreaming about since Chem 122 was finally over. We care because communication can open doors that didn’t have key holes. We care because our student loan agency loves to communicate with us, constantly reminding us how much we owe. Wouldn’t it be great to give a response!

As we start a new school year, we should take a moment to reflect on our long term goals.  We would all like to have that ideal career, with a great team, great benefits, good pay, and great work environment. We would love to see our knowledge and hard work compensated by a career that gives some zero’s at the end of our checks. We as students are at a unique advantage to use our positions to learn, achieve greatness, and earn a great career in food and nutrition. We will not achieve this without opening our mouths, expressing our concerns, ideas, needs, and wants.

money were mouth is

As students we at times get so involved in studying, writing reports, researching, and participating in school events, that we sometimes forget that  building a network of professionals can help us achieve goals. Yes, many of our classmates are truly gifted, and make great friends, while others are fun to chat with on social media. However, we have in  our reach a network of professionals who have long left the arena of student body and are now the experts in the fields we are striving to attain careers in. Can you guess who they are?

Our department has an eclectic mix of professors who have done everything under the sun and then some pertaining to food and nutrition. They have over a century of combined experience in all fields of food and nutrition. Some have traveled oversees for projects, while others have invented products, and yet others have done world renowned research. Some of our faculty has helped write text to bring fresh scientific fact to our textbooks. Can you name all the professors in our department? Do you know the names of the lecturers who so kindly help to teach courses in our department? Why not?! Our faculty is an abundant well of knowledge waiting to be tapped. They can help inform us on alternate careers that we may not have known about. They can mentor us, provide encouragement, and provide constructive criticism that will help mold us into the ideal professional. Our faculty may be busy, understaffed, overworked, and under appreciated at times, yet they never give up on reaching out to us as a student body. Lets return the favor and reach out to our faculty to help build our professional network of success. Say hello, make an appointment, do research with a professor, communicate, converse and connect. Yes, we are in a drought in California, but our departments faculty is a well of knowledge that is never dry. Drink up, the water is good here.


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