What’s nopal? Is it the new hip trendy vegetable of the moment? Like kale?


No, pal. Maybe not quite. Nopal is actually known as the prickly cactus pear and is commonly found in Mexico and in Mexican dishes, such as ensaladas de nopal and huevos con nopal. Its abundance and cheap price make it a popular choice as a staple component of Mexican cuisines. Also known for its delicate, yet slightly sour taste, nopal is juiciest and the most succulent during the spring and summer seasons.

The best property of nopal may its nutrient density. The prickly cactus pear is filled with Vitamin C, manganese, and is rich with fiber and pectin. Researchers have been investigating its usefulness in type 2 diabetes management and have found that in subjects who had eaten a nopal and breakfasts with a high content of carbohydrates or soy protein, GIP concentration was reduced and antioxidant activity was increased. Thus, the investigation’s promising results hint that eating nopal can help scale down on post-meal blood glucose, serum insulin, and plasma GIP levels. However, more studies and trials will need to be conducted to establish the safety of nopal supplements.

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