Hungry for Hugo’s

Book-ended by Olive Dr. and Kings Rd. on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, Hugo’s Restaurant is a popular destination and go-to brunch place for 323ers to enjoy a fulfilling and savory meal. Its interiors are dressed with sleek, modern, and chic finishes, but don’t let its slightly refined appearance intimidate you. Also with an small outdoor patio, Hugo surprisingly has a cozy, intimate, and comfortable atmosphere.

Hugo’s is mostly known for serving classic American dishes, uniquely offering many of these meals with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, but at moderately expensive prices. Though these qualities do not always guarantee healthy and nutrient-dense food, I found Hugo’s to be refreshing and creative in recreating traditional American specials in plant-based foods, such as the Vegetable Noodle Pasta, and presenting a wide selection of food for vegetarians, vegans, people interested in gluten-free alternatives, and non-vegetarians and non-vegans. The restaurant prides itself as “continually striv[ing] to produce original and wonderful food” and seeks to share well-being and healthy living through their food.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this gem of an eatery. In this modern era and with the country’s increasingly complicated relationship with food, I believe that Hugo’s promotes the belief that food can be eaten for pleasure and enjoyment besides being eaten for good health.

If you’re in the 323 or 818 area with good company, Hugo’s is a restaurant worth visiting. Additional locations can be found in Studio City and Agoura Hills. Their menu can be found here.

Photo Credit: Briana Macias
Gluten-free Shepherd’s Pie with a side of salad
Photo Credit: Puja Desai
Traditional Macaroni & Cheese with a side of salad
Photo Credit: Rima Al-Rabadi
Hugo Beef Burger

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