4 Places Worth Visiting

Dumb Starbucks


If it looks like a Starbucks, swims like a Starbucks, and quacks like a Starbucks, then it probably is a Dumb Starbucks. This pop-up coffee shop opened its doors for business on February 7th in Los Feliz. The business insists that they are legal and boasts FAQ to help clear up any ambiguities.


The most amazing part about this coffee house, I mean errr…art gallery, is that every last detail is accounted for. From “Dumb Frapuccinos” to “Dumb Norah Jones” CDs located next to the register, every thing is Starbucks reminiscent. And while they may have coasted along through their grand opening as “art”, I am not convinced that their doors will remain open much longer.

Check out their Twitter for hours and location.

Ritual Brewery


In the mood for some award-winning, local craft beer? How about food trucks, live bands, corn hole, giant Jenga or drinking your beer at a repurposed bowling alley lane? Situated off the 10 freeway in Redlands, Ritual Brewery opened it’s doors in 2012 and quickly made a name for themselves in the industry. Can’t decide between their bitter-but-sweet-and-citrusy Hop-O-Matic or their intense malty-but-balanced-with-hoppiness Fat Hog Barleywine? Try a flight of 5 beers that intrigue you for $6.

Ritual Brewery offers seven rotating beers on tap (including a cask tap), two different growler sizes, and free brewery tours on Sundays.

Check out their website, Facebook, or Twitter for hours, location, news and events.

Donut Friend


Holy doughnut, Batman! You had me at made-to-order, DIY doughnuts. Located in Los Angeles, Donut Friend bakes their donuts in small batches and offers dozens of options. Fresh fruit, five different kinds of cheeses, candies, nuts, glazes, spices, creams and butters, sauces and compotes– your combinations are endless. Gluten free or vegan? No problem, they got you covered.

Check out their website for hours, location, and their favorite compilations that will make you drool.

Red Hot Kitchen


Ever had one of those nights where you can’t decide where to eat before you even get out the door? One is craving Mexican food, while the other is craving Asian? Fret no more, Red Hot Kitchen is here! This place offers up ridiculously delicious and playfully presented food. With dishes like Kimchi Quesadilla Roll (pictured above), Bi-Bim-Bop Burrito, and an expansive vegetarian menu, this fast-food style restaurant offers the best fusion eats in Riverside and Loma Linda ready to suit even the most indecisive palate. Oh, and did I mention they have boba?

Check out their website or yelp page for locations and hours.

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