A Fire That Lights Your Path

Natasha ends the first 10 weeks with some inspiration to keep you warm over winter break.

open ardent heart #1

Fall quarter always seems to be a time of trial and error, massive stress, and soul searching for Natasha. While clinging to the desires of what she wanted, the kitchen manager somehow received what she needed all along- revival. Now, it’s your turn!

The quest through college brings about questions: How do I become successful? What do I want to do with my degree? Where do I want to work? We know that how you answer these questions will shape your future. But the thing Natasha found is, how you answer these questions also shapes your present. Success could mean producing three meals a day for a hospital, writing a book, motivating someone to eat carrots, or protesting GM corn. Or success could mean forgiving a wrong-doing against you, putting down the bag of kettle corn after having one handful, getting to class on time, or simply reading a book. And so on, each question can be looked at in this way.

always do

By being faced with constant exposure and removal from her comfort zone, Natasha has been able to appreciate the questions and answers encountered during college. After naively running for kitchen manager, unknown joys have entered her heart. The fantastical readings of her experiences are meant to share with you the realities we all face. Instead of letting worry weigh her down, instead of being afraid to be wrong, instead of being perfect, Natasha has decided to just do. No more thinking, no more plotting and planning, no more worrying; just living in the moment and trusting that everything will turn out exactly as it’s meant to be. Maybe some of you already know what you want. Maybe some of you have what you want. No doubt, some are still searching. But the best questions is: what ignites your fire? For Natasha, it’s buying food, cooking food, and eating food. All these separate tasks become one. Each objective relies on the other and touches so many different areas of the world. She can get so wrapped up in the realm of food, and the relationships its cultivates. This may not be your cup of tea, but what is? Where ever you are in your quest, make sure to keep the fire in your heart alive, it is what illuminates your path.

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