Elmo: Our New Partner in Crime in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity


Sesame Street is now officially on board in the fight against childhood obesity, and the face of this battle could be none other than: Elmo. Thanks to our furry little friend, the times of hearing children screaming and shouting for candies and chips in the market may soon come to an end. Because of a recent agreement with the Produce Marketing Association and the Partnership for a Healthier America, Sesame Street has now had its licensing fee waived to now bring this important topic to children everywhere in a way that they cannot help but enjoy. The perception children once had of veggies and fruits is now under way of being revolutionized. As soon as next spring, children will be exposed to the encouragement of Elmo and other friends like Big Bird and the Cookie Monster to eat healthier. And, as if seeing these characters promote healthier eating to children wasn’t enough, it surely will be interesting to see produce now featuring stickers of these characters on them in the near future. I feel that I can speak for all of us when I say that everyone in the nutrition and dietetics community is filled with excitement at the potential this new program has. Vegetables and fruits will no longer be marketed to children as being “good” for them but also delicious to enjoy.

For more information, I encourage you all to please visit: http://thegrio.com/2013/10/30/big-bird-elmo-to-encourage-kids-to-eat-produce/#s:michelle-obama-elmo-rosita-2

2 thoughts on “Elmo: Our New Partner in Crime in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

  1. As a child that grew up with Sesame Street, I think this is a great idea and I really hope it works :)
    I always wanted Big Bird and Cookie Monster to be my colleagues :)
    ! Go Elmo !

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