Volunteer Opportunities


How do I become a better applicant? How do I build my resume? How can I become a better student? If you’ve come across any one of these questions, don’t worry, we have your answer.

The mentoring program has provided a list of well-known and beneficial volunteer opportunities. Are you wondering about how to spend your time for this upcoming summer? With each of these locations, you can gain experience, knowledge and confidence.

Don’t wait till your taking 24 units and juggling work, take advantage of your time and volunteer now! Below you’ll find several great opportunities that our mentors have personally suggested. Please take advantage and good luck!

Mentioned by: Stephanie Serpas

  • Garden School Foundation in Los Angeles, CA

Become a volunteer for a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden at 24th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA.  Help teachers continue to implement nutrition into the school curriculum by helping work the land and keep up the crops.

You can be a volunteer by going to http://www.gardenschoolfoundation.org/ and following the monthly schedule they have for Work Days.

  • Garden Development in La Puente, CA

This is an EXCITING new endeavor I have that will possibly begin this summer.  I have partnered with the La Puente School District and the Head start program to bring community gardens to MY neighborhood and spread the wonders of nutrition to the children of my community.

Details will come soon, interested volunteers should expect to dig, plant and get dirty, as we will be building a brand new garden! (I’m SOOO excited!!!)  They have been wanting to build a pumpkin patch…so, who other than Cal Poly students to do the job?! :)

Mentioned by: Evelin Abudez

  • Food Service: Senior Center in Chino, CA

Most senior centers serve lunch daily and you can have a chance to participate in the kitchen process. Perfect opportunity to put your food safety classes into practice.

Chino Senior Center, 13170 Central Ave, Chino CA 91710

  • Senior Nutrition Program in Montclair, CA

Offers the opportunity to meet and serve others of the community by helping out in the kitchen area, serving coffee, or serving meals in the dining room to our senior community. You may help as often as you like. The hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is always room for one more volunteer.

If you would like to become part of this rewarding experience, please call Patti Pennington at (909) 625-9488

  • Offer nutrition education for Hispanic Women in Montclair, CA

Looking for Bilingual ladies to participate in the program. Program is called “Por La Vida”, it offers nutrition education classes for Hispanic women.

Please call (909) 625- 9485

Mentioned by: Osvaldo Campos

  • Volunteer at church in Huntington Beach, CA

Church looking for volunteers, duties involve sign up, kitchen work, and occasionally grocery shopping. May be more opportunities available than listed.

Contact Osvaldo Campos:

Cell- (951) 858-7403 or

Email- ocampos1500@hotmail.com

  • Headstart in Corona, CA

Volunteer opportunity includes educating families about the importance of nutrition, cooking techniques, and lifestyle changes. Spanish speaking is a plus.

Contact Osvaldo Campos:

Cell- (951) 858-7403 or

Email- ocampos1500@hotmail.com

Mentioned by: Jennifer Zagorski

  • Meals on Wheels

Research your local Meals on Wheels location and sign up to volunteer. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit, volunteer Community Service providing Home- Delivered meals, at cost, to any one unable to prepare or obtain adequate meals.

  • Local Hospitals

Research the nearby hospital locations and interview to volunteer in the dietary office.

Mentioned by: Amanda Trang

  • LA Food Bank

Private, nonprofit, charitable organization that obtains millions of pounds of surplus food that would otherwise go to waste and channels it to hundreds of thousands of hungry and needy people throughout Los Angeles County. 

Remember, these are just a few options to get you started! Enjoy!


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