FN Forum celebrates National Nutrition Month

In an effort to promote National Nutrition Month and health on campus, FN Forum hosted a mini health fair at Cal Poly Pomona during U-hour this past Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  Take a peek at what we did to celebrate healthy eating!

Cereal Serving Size Challenge (Stephanie Serpas)

A booth dedicated to promoting serving size awareness, specifically with cereals. Students chose from the many cereals displayed on the table and demonstrated for us what they normally served themselves in one meal. They served themselves the cereal of their choice into a bowl of their choice. Then, we taught the students how to look for the serving size on the Food Label and have them re-serve themselves the same cereal, but this time using a measuring cup.

Objective: Promoted food label reading, particularly in breakfast cereals, with the college student population.

Feed the Need Food Drive (Sarah Spence)

Eating healthy also affects the under-nourished. Just as we need to raise awareness about the health risks of poor diet, we need to raise awwareness about the diet of the poor. There was an informational poster reporting statistics for hunger in California. One example is that 16.7% of Californians are food insecure. That equates to roughly 6 million people hungry, and 1.7 million of those reside in Los Angeles county! We also included a collection box which suggested donations of dry, shelf-stable goods such as cereal, pasta, rice, beans, preserves, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Objective: To raise awareness of the need for healthy options to nourish those struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Peer Mentoring Program: Wheel of Wellness and Recipe Cards (Kellie Yamahata)

The Mentoring Program created a series of Recipe Cards, which were personally chosen and custom made by several of the mentors in the program. The recipes chosen ranged from healthy vegetarian Stuffed Red Peppers, to delicious traditional Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

The Recipe Cards were ultimately used as prizes for a “Wheel of Wellness” game. The “Wheel of Wellness” proved to be a big hit for everyone. Spinning the wheel allowed an individual to land on a specific color and that color corresponded to a topic. The topics up for grab varied from basic nutrition to food safety. Getting two out of three questions right won the students a Recipe Card with a yummy and healthy dish on it.

Objective: Provide new information regarding food and nutrition as well as healthy recipes to take home and share.

Portion control (Cipriana Huerta) was also tackled by using food models to demonstrate correct portion sizes in our every day foods.

Here are some photos from our mini-health fair (source: Kelly Schlegel)

Los Angeles Food Bank (Stephany Esqueda)

On Friday, March 6 we continued celebrating NNM as fellow students also volunteered at the Los Angeles Food Bank: When I first heard about national nutrition month I heard a lot about teaching people to eat healthier. Most of what was being done was to encourage people to change their habits and include healthier options in their daily lives. We aimed to show the students at our school that making such changes, even if small, could greatly affect their lives. However, we did not really talk about the families that were struggling with food insecurity. The families that struggle to get food on the table. National nutrition month should also be about helping people obtain the nutrition that they need. That is why I chose to have the club volunteer at the LA Foodbank. The LA Foodbank helps many people and organizations by putting food on the table. We all know that there are people struggling but to see the amount of food that is put together and sent out is something different.

Objective: Bring awareness to food insecurity.

Political Involvement (Rebecca Tsaur)

On Tuesday, March 12 PAC has invited special guest speaker Fatinah Darwish, RD, Public policy chair of the Los Angeles District of California Dietetic Association of AND will talk about the importance of political involvement as a RD, because of nutrition in public policy as well as elevating the RD career, and her personal experience.

Objective: Bring awareness to the ties between nutrition and public policy.

These are just some ways FN Forum has been celebrating National Nutrition Month “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day!”

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