National Nutrition Month: Photo Challenge

Voting is open!  Get your vote in by March 20 @ 6pm!

In honor of National Nutrition Month, FN Forum is holding a National Nutrition Month Photo Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to share pictures that promote informed eating choices, physical activity, and healthy habits.

Pictures can be taken through Instagram, camera phones, digital cameras, etc. Send your picture to Joyce at by 11:30pm of that day with the subject title: NNM Challenge along with your name, school email, and optional description of photo, and it will be uploaded here. The photo challenges are located on the Food Digest calendar as well as the Upcoming Events sidebar. Creativity is encouraged!

To make things more fun, this will also be a competition between Cal State San Bernardino’s Nutrition Association and FN Forum. FN Forum members will vote for their favorite Nutrition Association photos and vice versa. This is to prevent members from voting for their own photos or their friend’s photos. Voting will occur on this page (will be opened shortly after challenges have finished on March 15th) and a winner will be chosen from the top three photos from each club.

The winners receive Starbuck’s Gift Cards!

The challenge officially starts on March 1st and ends on March 14th.

Cal Poly Pomona Photos

CSU San Bernardino Photos

CLOSED – Voting!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our first NNM Photo Challenge!  Now it’s time to vote for your favorite photos.

  • Pick three favorite photos of your choice.
  • All three photos you vote for must be from the OTHER school i.e. if you are from Cal Poly you must pick three photos from San Bernardino!
  • Fill out the form below to vote.  Your email must be your school email.
  • May only vote once!
  • You may still vote even if you did not participate ~ so ask your school friends to vote too!
  • Day #, Entry # = use your mouse to hover over the images above, they each have a corresponding Day # and Entry #.  ex) Day  1 Entry 1
  • Vote will not count if school email is not used and/or three photos from the other school school are not chosen.
  • Voting ends March 20 @ 6pm!

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