Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Career Tips!

Applying for jobs can be tough, especially with such a competitive job market! Here are ten great tips by Cassi Fields, author of Best Ways to Gain Employment & Advance in Your Career. These tips are located in A.N.D.’s Resources for Dietetics / Nutrition Career Opportunities in the Career Center (at

  1. Identify your target job – Make a list of your strengths, qualifications, skills, and interests and find what suits you best
  2. Learn EVERYTHING about the career and what it takes to get there – Find out the requirements by asking current employees on professional networking sites, or requesting informational interviews
  3. Get the skills/strengths needed for that career – Volunteer; be involved and get experience!
  4. Learn and further the knowledge needed for that field – Read books, participate in training courses, go one step further in completing more in your work
  5. Train your personality to fit the job – Practice public speaking, participate in team building courses, and build confidence in your abilities
  6. Find a target organization – Review the company website, email employees, or contact the human resources department
  7. Network! Attend job fairs, conferences, company sponsored events, or seminars
  8. Design your resume to fit the job – Know and meet the requirements set by the company or organization, and tailor your resume to showcase your abilities that will benefit the company
  9. Learn about the selection process and who will select you – Contact the human resources department and learn the best way to apply in order to receive the best chance of selection
  10. Landing the job interview – Once scheduled for an interview, prepare by researching, writing questions about the company or position, and looking up the do’s and don’ts of a job interview

A.N.D.’s Career Center offers access to job listings and volunteer opportunities, a chance to network with other nutrition professionals, and more!

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