Dr. Bonny Burns-Whitmore

What what college(s) did you graduate?
L.A. Valley College (Van Nuys, CA)-AS
La Sierra University (Riverside)-BS
Loma Linda University-MPH and DrPH

How long have you been teaching at Cal Poly Pomona?
Seventeen years here at CPP, I am beginning my 18th year.

Who is your mentor, either past or present, and why?
My Grandma, Astrid. She was a kind, smart (never went to High School but spoke and wrote 7 languages fluently) and humorous lady who worked as a housekeeper, wet nurse and nanny well into her 70’s. She was also the one that encouraged me to get an education and fostered my love of foods and cooking.

What is your favorite food?
Home cooked lasagna (veggie of course)

How can students impress you? Or rather, what makes a good student?
A good student strives to understand and integrate the topics, not simply memorize them. School work is submitted on time, and he/she takes responsibility for not meeting established deadlines, and does their own work. They take advantage of extra credit opportunities, are self-motivated, attends all classes, are attentive and participate in class, meet with the instructor if they are having problems in class, and ask the teacher and not their peers for clarification of if they do not understand assignment directions or the class topic. The good student has a positive attitude and willingness to learn new subjects/paradigms, even if the student isn’t, or doesn’t know if he/she is interested in the subject, and is academically resilient…in other words, he/she wants to learn and grow from learning something new and tries very hard to succeed.

What do you think is the most important part of succeeding at Cal Poly (meaning to graduate, get an internship, land a job, etc.)?
Forming a peer network of more than 3 people (someone in this group might be your future employer or tell you about  job openings), volunteering, as well as getting involved in leadership activities. Additionally, asking for help or career guidance from faculty it is important. :)

Best place to eat on/near campus?
Subway :)

Additional comments:
When I am not at CPP, I enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking, bocce, softball, and cooking.

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