Student Success

There comes a point in a student’s career that a change occurs: a shift that moves you from being unsure of your journey to total confidence that you are heading towards great things.  This shift could be a fork in the road for people who lack the self-confidence to believe in themselves.  For others, it could be an over-confidence that leads them to a shocking failure.  For those lucky enough to have gained just the right amount of confidence, opportunities that arise could be taken full advantage of and successfully tackled.  Confidence can be found innately and can be trained to grow.  I view it as a desire we have burning inside us and we just need to learn the tools to take it from a small flame to a raging fire.

This series of the Food Digest is intended to help students learn how to use their skills and grow as a person while increasing their confidence and belief in their success.  I am a student that has learned by doing in every sense of the phrase and I have been able to carry on, despite setbacks and failures. I will discuss how to set and meet goals, how to interact in the professional setting, how to reboot after an unfortunate event, and everything else in between.  In the future, particular topics I have in mind are: volunteerism, employment, graduate programs, club involvement, and personal growth.

Written by Sally Saleh. BIO HERE

Part of our Featured Writers series student writers independent of the dedicated Food Digest team have an interest to write and share their thoughts. If you would be interested in writing an article for Food Digest, let us know!

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