Food Safety Student Challenge

Food Safety Student Challenge
Presented by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and ConAgra Foods


       A.N.D. is working in collaboration with ConAgra Foods to emphasize the importance of food safety.  Both organizations highlight four key safety areas: washing hands often, preventing cross contamination, cooking at proper temperatures as well as storing at proper temperatures. They are offering nine scholarships ($4500 each) to those who apply and qualify. Students may also work in teams! Each scholarship will be divided among the members if they choose to do so. The deadline is February 1, 2013, so don’t wait!

How to apply
Fill out an application form available at

Each applicant must explain in 200 words or less why as a student, it is important to play the role as food safety advocate and why their school needs one. Each applicant must provide a program plan and explain their documentation (with the use of videos, photos, etc). After an applicant is selected, documenting the implementation of the plan must occur.

Applicant must be an Academy Member and a full time student. Key dates must be met and the four key safety areas must be incorporated.

Key Dates

  • February 1, 2013 – Application deadline
  • March 1, 2013 – Students are selected and notified
  • April 15, 2013 – Progress Report Due
  • May 30, 2013 – Progress Report Due
  • June 1, 2013 – Project Wrap Up
  • June 15, 2013 – Final Report Due

The applications can be submitted to Beth Labrador at

This scholarship is meant to be rewarding and fun! You can work with your friends to explore the areas of food safety and why it is important in preventing food borne illnesses/diseases.  The four key safety areas have become routine to many of us, so why not show how you, as a student, can demonstrate its significance to an entire school?

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