Need to buy textbooks for next quarter?!

Here is a tutorial of how to buy textbooks on the bookstore website:

  1. Click Textbook
  2. Select Campus Term– (e.g. Fall 2012)
  3. You can either search the bookstore for the course, or you can compare the prices of the textbooks with online retailers.
    1. Search by course will allow you to see the price of the book from the bookstore and allow you to buy it online.
    2. Compare Textbook Prices: This option is new and allows students to compare the prices of the textbook at the Bronco Bookstore with other online retailers. (e.g.,, etc).
    3. Instantly you can view the cheapest prices of the textbook, the date of arrival, and the condition.
    4. When choosing a textbook, as you “Add to Cart” you will be instantly directed to the specific website for the book offer.

Can’t afford the textbooks at the bookstore?  Here are a few online sources which may sell the same exact textbook, but for a cheaper price!

  1. Find the ISBN number
  2. Search
  3. Search the Course and Section
  4. Copy the ISBN#
  5. Use the ISBN# to input when searching for the textbook online

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