Follow Up to Prop 37

With election season in full swing, the political games have begun. After writing about prop 37, I planned on moving to a different topic, but the methods of argumentation against it have completely baffled me! It is important for me to tell all sides of the story, no matter which side I may be on. I encourage discussion of this topic, and all others, and hope to receive some feedback from our various ideologies represented in the department.

Most of you have probably seen the TV ad in opposition to The Right To Know Act (, but have you really heard it? The ad claims Prop 37 exempts certain foods because of “special interests”. It highlights how questionable it is for “dog food to be labeled but not meat for human consumption”, as well as “why soy milk would be regulated but not cow’s milk.” Now let’s all use our thinking caps on this one: Genetically modified organisms pertain to plant foods. GE companies are experimenting with animal modification, but have not been approved as of yet. Now we see why dog food (containing plant ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, rice, etc) would be required to be labeled but not beef, pork, chicken, or other animals. Same goes for soy milk versus cow’s milk. Soy is a plant, one of the largest GM crops, in fact; and again, animals are not genetically modified as of yet, so their milk would not be required to be labeled.
Another rift I have with the argument is directed to the California Official Voter Information Guide. The author states that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has “concluded that biotech foods are safe”. President of the AND, Ethan Bergman stated “the Academy does not have a position on the issue”. People look to the Academy as “a trusted and credible source of nutrition information” which means, for whatever reason, voters are being misled.

These are examples of how much responsibility lies with the voter. Not everything we are told is true; sometimes you have to really think for yourself, sometimes you have to do some research. Just because you want to believe something does not make it true (for example, prop 30 flyers have been distributed around campus with the saying ‘Protect the CSU’, however absolutely NO funding from prop. 30 will go to California state schools or universities! There is a temporary 1 year distribution of a portion of the funds allocated to K-12 schools as well as community colleges). Look into things, have an opinion, because as Americans we have the opportunity to let our elected leaders know how we feel.


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